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Many people love eating waterleaf, especially when cooked with assorted healthy meats and fish and eaten with rice, pounded yam, amala, or fufu, depending on the individual’s preference, and some people may choose to drink the juice extracted from waterleaf or boil it and drink its water. However, waterleaf has a lot of health benefits because it contains an abundance of healthy organic chemicals that can help manage some medical problems or conditions, which I will briefly discuss in this article.

1. According to WebMD, waterleaf contains many powerful organic chemicals and minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which combine to help the body in building and maintaining strong and healthy bones and also prevent the bones from depleting or shedding off gradually. In other words, regular intake of waterleaf, either in cooled form or in its juice as a drink, can help prevent osteoporosis, which is a medical condition that has to do with the loss of bone.

2. For people suffering from anemia, which is a medical condition that has to do with the loss of blood cells, especially red blood cells, taking or eating waterleaf on a regular or daily basis can help prevent the medical issue because of the high proportion of iron and vital minerals that are present in waterleaf, which the body utilizes in the making of red blood cells.


3. When you consume waterleaf in moderation and on a daily basis, its high vitamin A content can help manage retinal disease in people with the medical condition, and it achieves this by slowing down the progression of the disease while at the same time helping to improve low-light vision in people who find it difficult to see where the surrounding light is low.

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