Check Out 3 Important Things To Expect As President Akuffo-Addo Set To Address Ghanaians Tonight

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The world is in shock over the new wave of the coronavirus pandemic. It has forced every leader to institute various measures to ensure the safety, and survival of its citizens. According to health experts, the new variant of the pandemic called the Omicron is dangerous and three times the coronavirus disease.

According to information from the Ghana Health Service, the new variant has found it’s way into the borders of the country after two active cases were recorded. Undoubtedly, this information sent shocks down the spines of Ghanaians as we continue to battle the coronavirus.

In an attempt to avoid the consequences of an outbreak of the disease in other countries, government has made provisions available to safeguard her citizens and stem the spread of the dangerous disease. It is on record that, million dozens of the AstraZeneca vaccines are available in the country to vaccinate the people.

The presidency has officially announced the President’s decision to deliver another nationwide address tonight. This address comes as the 27th one since the inception of the dangerous coronavirus pandemic. It would be mandatory to watch the President speak as he prepares to announce new measures to fight the disease.

Few moments after the address was announced by the Director of Communications at the Jubilee House, many Ghanaians have shared mixed reactions. Many have called for an intensive campaign on the use of the protocols to fight the virus.

Ghana_News has gathered 3 most important things to expect from the President’s address tonight;

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1. The President is expected to address Ghanaians on the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine and introduce sanctions against people who have decided not to be vaccinated.

2. Also the President is expected to speak on the new measures his government is taking to protect Ghanaians.


3. It is rumoured that the President would place a ban on travels as the country gears up to fight the new variant of the virus. He is also expected to encourage Ghanaians to observe all protective measures as the Christmas approaches.

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