Check Out 3 Diseases That Commonly Affect Men As They Grow Older And How To Prevent Them-[CHECK OUT]

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We live in a world where different diseases have become so rampant that we are not even safe as we grow older. Although, most diseases attack both men and women without checking the gender.

For the sake of this article, we are focusing more on the male gender. As men get older, their health may begin to fail them, which in most cases are attributed to the kind of lifestyle they lived at their young age.

Well, this article will reveal three (3) different diseases that commonly attack men and how to prevent them.

1. One of the common diseases is cardiovascular problems (heart disease): This is a disease that has to do with different arteries of the heart. It is in other words known as atherosclerosis.

This disease gradually triggers cholesterol which blocks the arteries surrounding the brain and heart thereby, leading to heart failure or cardiac arrest.

You will agree with me that one, out of every five men who are above 50 years suffer from heart disease. This disease can be accompanied with high cholesterol level and stroke.

According to a research made by WebMD, it says that, men have a high chance of developing atherosclerosis as they grow older than women. Well, the link below from WebMD has more to reveal:

To prevent this disease, men are advised to check their cholesterol level at least from the age of 25. They should engage in cardiovascular exercises, and quit taking too much alcohol and cigarettes.

2. The second common disease is cancer of the lungs: Without mincing words, lung cancer has sent many people to death even before they begin proper treatment.

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This disease attacks the lung and spread so fast all around the body. The popular cause of this disease is having too much tobacco substances in the body.

Men who smoke stand a huge risk to get this disease, and as they get older, they are likely to suffer from lung cancer which may eventually lead to death.

To prevent this disease, they are advised to quit smoking and save themselves now while they can. They can see a health counselor for assistance on how to stop smoking.

3. We have Prostrate disease as the next disease that commonly affects men: This disease is one of the many reasons why men are advised to live a healthy lifestyle especially at their young age.Prostrate disease attacks the Prostrate glands in men, which can develop into other Prostrate related diseases like Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Prostatitis and others.


Well, to prevent this disease, men are advised to incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables in their daily meals. They should also see a doctor for proper checkup and counseling.

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