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The food you eat is either good for your body or dangerous for it. Your body can heal itself depending on what materials you supply it. According to Healthline, some foods can promote quick recovery from certain infections, while some foods can impede the healing process.

Therefore, it is dangerous to eat any food that does not allow your body to heal itself or promote good health.

1. Number one on the list is processed carbohydrate foods. They are dangerous to your health. The fiber content of some processed carbohydrate foods has been reduced, which can cause inflammation in the body.

The fiber content in carbohydrates is to help in slowing down the rate at which your blood absorbs its sugar content. However, when they’re reduced or removed, it can cause blood sugar levels to rise.

Any carbohydrate-rich food that has been refined should be eliminated from your diet. Foods like bread, cakes, pasta, and any flour-based food that has been refined.

2. Too much sugar and carbohydrates. You can hardly find any of our common fast foods or soft drinks without sugar. Too much sugar in your body can cause inflammation that will open the doors for certain diseases to emerge.

The way our bodies react to excessive carbohydrates and sugar will build up uric acid in your body. This will cause inflammation that won’t allow your body to be able to heal itself when there’s an infection.

You also run the risk of having kidney or liver damage and diabetes. Sugar causes serious damage to the body that can lead to a heart attack after impairing your blood vessels.

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3. Fats in processed foods like margarine and fried foods are dangerous to your body. They are known as trans fats. They are manufactured through hydrogenation, and it poses a great threat to your health.

Fats from avocados or coconuts are better alternatives because they are plant-based fats. You can hardly find processed food that doesn’t contain trans fat, and if you eat them, they lower the good cholesterol in your body.


This is the beginning of a journey to having heart disease. Just take note of foods that are high in trans fat and avoid foods like cakes, popcorn, and any processed food.

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