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Research has shown that we spend one-third of our Lives sleeping which makes dying while sleeping, potentially possible. Although while it may seem natural for people to die in their sleep, there are actual causes for this.

Here are 3 common reasons some people die in their sleep

1. Sleep Apnea

This is a sleeping disorder in which there is a cessation or discontinuance in breathing while sleeping. People suffering from this occasionally snore aloud and come short of breath in their sleep. It could be caused by Obesity and in some cases, excessive weight. There have been recorded cases of deaths from sleep apnea and it is important to see the doctor for treatment if you’ve been diagnosed or show symptoms.

2. Cardiac Arrest

This is an unexpected cessation of the heartbeat which results in loss of blood circulation. It could be caused due to underlying heart diseases, cholesterol level, sleep apnea, and even stress. When given proper cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), one can survive a cardiac arrest but what happens when its late at night and there’s no one to help give CPR?… It literally increases your chances of dying. It is important to eat healthy, go for regular checkups, avoid over stressing at work also to reduce chances of getting a cardiac arrest while at sleep.

3. Environmental hazards


Environmental hazards such as air pollution increases the risks of one dying in their sleep. Carbon monoxide one of the common air pollutants is emitted from generators in homes is one of the mist common causes of deaths while sleeping. When you breathe in too much carbon monoxide, the oxygen in your blood cells are replaced with carbon monoxide which is very fatal. A lot if people make the mistake if running their generators indoors or too close to windows and doors. You should run your generator at least 12 feets away from any openings in your home.

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