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Onions are most well-known for two characteristics: terrible breath and the ability to make people cry. The ubiquitous vegetable that is utilized in the majority of cuisines contributes tastes to meals, transforming any meal into an aromatic adventure. Raw onions, in addition to having a delicious flavor, contain therapeutic properties as well as antibacterial properties, which allow our bodies get clean and rid themselves of disease.

Experts in the field of integrative medicine, such as Dr. Jonathan Stegall, who practices in Johns Creek, Georgia, highlight the positive effects that onions can have on human health. In an email that he sent to Medical Daily, he said, “Onions have a substantial quantity of sulfur compounds, which not only give onions their well-known odor but are also powerful detoxifying agents.” Onions contain over one hundred different sulfur-containing chemicals, which is why they can make your eyes water. Onions, when consumed on a regular basis, can treat and prevent conditions ranging from cardiovascular disease to diabetes.

1. Heart Disease


Most people do not consider onions to be foods that are good for the heart. However, a study that was conducted in 2007 and published in The Journal of Nutrition indicated that quercetin can significantly reduce high blood pressure in persons who are hypertensive. It is also considered that the heart-protective advantages of this vegetable are greater than those of drinking red wine. According to Stegall, “Onions are active in maintaining good blood pressure, suppressing arterial hardening, and maintaining the suppleness of the arteries.” [Citation needed] [Citation needed]

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2. Diabetes

If you eat a lot of onions, you can experience a drop in your blood glucose level. It has been demonstrated that the essential oil of onions, known as allyl propyl disulfide, is responsible for mediating this effect. Not only does it reduce blood sugar levels, but it also makes more free insulin available to the body.


The allyl propyl disulfide, which is also a disulfide, competes with the insulin, which is also a disulfide, in order to occupy the places in the liver where the insulin is inactivated. Because of this, there is an increased supply of insulin, which brings the blood sugar level down. A study that was published in 1975 in Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry found that the essential oil from onions considerably reduced the levels of blood sugar in the participants.


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