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Most times, we are always ignorant of what goes on in our bodies. This is because we are either too naive to listen to our health, or we just don’t want to pay attention to it.

Whichever one it may be, as humans whose body system is made up of different cells, tendons, ligaments and organs, we are always advised to check out for the things that happen to our body so that we can know when there will be a need to see a doctor.

This is why this article will be exploring two things that can happen to you unknowingly if you drink water before sleeping at night. Need I remind you that nights are moments of relaxation.

They are the time which we lie on the bed after a stressful day’s activity to catch some sleep. The human body requires this moment at least because it helps the bones and muscles to get some rest. However, there are things that we may be doing the wrong way that we may not be aware of, and it lies in the way we consume water before we doze off.

No doubt, water is a good part of human existence whose functions in the body cannot be overemphasized here. When we drink it before sleeping at night, here are two things that could happen:

1. There will be a constant production of fluid in the body system thereby causing you to frequent the restroom every 20 to 45 minutes. The kidney is what suffers in this case because it will always be awake to do its job of regulating the fluid that flows in the body.

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Stressing the kidney may cause it to fail and develop other serious damages which may be beyond our control. Having kidney failure is one of the diseases that we should not pray for because it is not a good experience and may lead to death if proper attention is not given to it. However, we are advised to drink water about 2 hours before we finally hit the bed.2. Another thing that may happen lies in our health when we finally wake up in the morning. The inability to give the body a good rest at night, as a result of waking up to urinate frequently, may cause unexplained fatigue.

The body becomes very weak which can lead to having a very boring day. However, not having enough sleep at night can lead to a couple of health issues like high blood pressure, heart problem, depression, weight loss and others.


Having known this, I believe that you would avoid taking water before sleeping so that you don’t have to suffer these problems.

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