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Check Out The Top 10 Common Signs You Can Use To Recognize HIV Symptoms At an Early Stage - [CHECKOUT]
Check Out The Top 10 Common Signs You Can Use To Recognize HIV Symptoms At an Early Stage - [CHECKOUT]
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The human immune virus is a deadly disease, that affects both men and women. It is important to know that both men and women have signs that may vary, when they get the virus because of the difference in their reproductive organ. Some people who have HIV may experience signs, after two to four weeks of contracting the virus. The primary stage of HIV is called acute HIV infection, and it stays until the body creates antibodies to fight the virus. Signs that you may experience after getting the virus includes; rashes on the body, fever, sore throat, and strong headache. Most of the symptoms of HIV are common in other diseases, so it is important that you go for a test to know what is actually wrong with you.


This article will look at 2 HIV signs in men, that shouldn’t be taken for granted. They include the following:

1. Private organ ulcer

One of the HIV signs found in men is ulcer of the private organ. When a man has HIV, he can develop sores on his private organ and it is usually painful. The ulcer may appear after a month of getting the disease. It is important to know that not every man who is HIV positive, can get ulcer on the private organ.

2. Hypogonadism


A man may also experience hypogonadism, which refers to the inability to have enough hormones for intimacy. This can affect both male and female, but it can be easily spotted in men with HIV. It can cause low production of testosterone in a man. This can cause a man not to be active during intimacy.

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