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Ginger is a plant with a wide range of therapeutic characteristics that are frequently used to cure a lot of diseases. It has also long been used as a natural stimulant to naturally improve sexual desire and libido in various types of traditional medicine. Because of its aphrodisiac properties, eating ginger before making love might help set the mood. According to, this article takes an in-depth look into the science and advantages of ginger before intimacy.

1. It improves blood flow.

While there isn’t much study on how ginger affects sex drive directly, it has been shown to boost blood flow, which may help with sexual arousal and desire. Ginger supplementation also decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels, according to a study of six research. Though further research is needed, this could be especially useful for libido, as raised blood pressure has been linked to a higher risk of sexual dysfunction in both men and women, according to studies. According to other studies, ginger can help avoid blood clots and widen blood vessels to improve blood flow, which could lead to an increase in arousal.

2. It has the potential to boost fertility.

Intriguingly, some study suggests that ginger may help both men and women conceive. Animal studies reveal that ginger can boost testosterone production by improving blood flow, lowering oxidative stress, and increasing levels of luteinizing hormone, which is involved in testosterone synthesis, according to one review.

Ginger may also improve sperm quality by increasing sperm cell concentration, motility, and viability. In another animal study, ginger was found to improve the process of folliculogenesis, or the maturation of the ovarian follicle, which can aid female fertility.

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In addition, high dosages of ginger extract were found to regulate hormone levels in rats with the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a disorder that can significantly influence women’s fertility.


What you should be aware of.

Ginger, like any other plant or herb, may interact negatively with other medications you’re taking. Although side effects from ginger are uncommon, they can include heartburn, gas, stomachache, and tongue burning if ingested in excess.


On any given day, don’t consume more than 4 grams of ginger in any form.

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