Check Out 2 Early Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer That Most Women Often Ignore- [CHECK OUT]

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Every disease has an early signs that most people usually find it difficult to notice. Ovarian cancer is a very dangerous disease and knowing about these early signs will be of great help to you. Factors that affect ovarian cancer include age, number of births, birth control pills, breastfeeding, family history and tied fallopian tube.

1.Urinary issues.

The bladder and the ovary are located near each other in the body. Therefore, the bladder and the urinary tract might be affected by the changes in the ovaries. A developing tumor could put pressure on the bladder and lead to problems. Ovarian cancer can cause urinary issues such as excessive urination and strong urge to urinate.

2.Feeling satisfied after eating a light meal.


This is another warning sign of ovarian cancer that most women often ignore. Bloating related fluid retention in the peritoneum can exert pressure on the stomach thus making a person to feel full all the time or even after eating a small meal. It also leads to loss of appetite and difficulty in eating.

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