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Do you know that bad breath persists even after brushing can be a symptom of some potentially fatal diseases and conditions? Here we’ll take a look at some of the most lethal disorders that create chronic bad breath that can’t be remedied by brushing alone.

In keeping with a WebMD article, we’ll examine some of the fatal conditions that leave a person’s mouth smelling foul even after brushing. Relax and take in this article while you get some valuable knowledge.

When bad breath persists despite brushing, what potentially fatal diseases could be to blame?

According to healthline One possible cause of chronic foul breath that doesn’t seem to go away even after brushing is a liver condition. Bad breath can be a problem at any age, but this is a common underlying factor. A person with liver problems should therefore seek medical attention as soon as feasible.

Second, diabetes can exacerbate the problem by making it more likely that a person’s saliva will dry out frequently due to elevated blood sugar levels. Bad breath is a common problem for diabetics, especially those whose disease is undiagnosed or whose blood sugar is not under control.


Third, foul breath that persists despite brushing could be caused by a chronic lung infection. The lung is one of the key organs that decide whether a person has good breath or poor breath, among other things. As a result, poor breath may be an issue for people who suffer from persistent lung infections.


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