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How does a man act when he’s falling in love? It’s a question on all of our minds.

I’ve long heard that men tend to be way more passionate and crazy when they fall in love, and from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty true.

While it’s hard to tell if a guy has just started to catch feelings, it’s fairly obvious for women to tell how men act when they’re in love. When you’re watching it from afar, it’s easy to see when a guy is really into his girl.

Even so, once in a while, it can be hard to actually realize the great signs he’s in love with you.

So how does a man act when he’s falling in love?

I know — it’s happened to me before, too. That’s when you need to look out for the way guys act when they’re in love.

1. They get romantic.

When men fall in love with a woman, being Romeo suddenly becomes a huge deal. They will start to obsess over giving her presents, taking her out to nice places, and just trying to make her smile.


So, if you notice that he’s amping up trips to fine dining establishments, giving you flowers, or doing similar things, he’s probably in love.

2. They start flaunting the girl they fell for.

A guy who isn’t feeling a girl will make no effort to introduce her to his friends or family. When men are in love, however, she becomes a part of his life and social scene.

Ergo, a good sign he’s in love with you is if he starts introducing you to his family, friends, and bringing you to his favourite spots.

3. They start flexing their ability to provide.

I’ve noticed that a lot of guys really focus on showing what they can do for a girl, usually in the form of money and gifts. But it also can happen with them offering to be a sympathetic ear, or by having him try to act as a hero or protector.

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Either way, guys usually will start to show how good they can be to a girl.

4. They want to lock it down.

If you want a man to commit to a label, it’s not that hard to do if he’s already in love with you.

Actually, he’ll probably start clamouring to call you his girlfriend and incorporate you in his future plans. Some will also agree to marry or get engaged fairly quickly, too.

5. They’ll talk up a storm.

A man is in love when his girl becomes his confidante. If he’s constantly gabbing about everything from his lunch to his coworkers to his dad’s argument with a store clerk, chances are very high that he’s deeply in love with you.

6. They become very interested in your opinions.

A guy who doesn’t really feel much for a girl won’t care too much if she doesn’t approve of something. On the other hand, a guy who is head over heels in love tends to be very interested in everything a girl is thinking, including her taste in food, shoes, and even politics.

7. They try their best not to hurt you.

This is what a lot of people don’t seem to understand. Guys who say they’re in love aren’t in love if they’re casually insulting a girl, disrespecting her, doing things she’s asked him not to do, or otherwise just pushing boundaries. That’s not loving.

When guys are in real love, they can’t bear the idea of hurting a woman and, as a result, won’t do things that they know upset the girl they want.

8. They soften up.

I’ve seen some of the scariest men I’ve ever met turn into giant mush puddles when the girl they love calls them a pet name. This isn’t news to anyone; it isn’t even a TV trope.

One thing I’ve noticed that might be news is that the guys who are really happy in love with their girls often soften up around women, in general. They tend to be more approving of women’s rights, are more likely to treat other girls nicely, and are just generally happier. (This is just my own observation, though.)

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9. They drop the L-bomb.

Though some guys might use this word to manipulate, a lot of guys really do mean it when they say they love a girl. (Or, at least, they use it when they think they’re in love.)

10. They give “the look.”

You know that look of sheer adoration you give when you truly appreciate someone? That’s how guys act when they’re in love: they give you a glance and you just know.

11. They choose you over other options.

This is because in their eyes you are a priority.

Therefore, a guy will choose to spend time with you rather than playing video games with the boys. Or a guy will choose to take you out somewhere, rather than going to a club alone.

12. They will engage in massive PDA.

If a guy is falling for you he will almost always want to be in contact with you. Body language is very important. Whether it’s hugging you or handing your hand, some part of him needs to be touching you.

Guys are mostly physical beings and not only that but all humans have an innate yearning for physical touch. It calms us.

13. They will start taking care of you.

This is due to their protective nature. They want to make sure you are happy and will do anything to make sure that happens. They will make sure you feel comfortable around them, make sure you’re satisfied.

Whether it be getting you food when you’re hungry or giving you their coat when you’re cold, they’ll [pay attention to your needs. It’ll almost be like your his baby because that’s what he wants.

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14. They will introduce you to friends and family.

If a guy is seriously into you, he’ll bring you into his inner circle. That is, you’ll meet his friends and family. You’ll be spending time with them, he’ll bring you around them often.

He wants them (and you) to know you’re important to him.

15. They will want to know more about you.

If he’s falling in love with you, he will want to know more about you. From your first word to how you feel about global warming. He’ll spend a lot of time listening to your stories.

Guys will want to know everything about you. they want to know why you feel a certain way and where the feeling comes from. This is because all of that is what makes you the person they are falling in love with.

16. They won’t leave you to read.

When guys are in love or falling in love they won’t give you a second to doubt their intentions.

So when you call they’ll answer, and when you text they’ll reply. They won’t ignore you.

17. They will laugh.

When guys are falling deeply in love it may make them uncomfortable, nervous, or even scared. This can be seen from fidgeting, not making eye contact, or… laughing. That’s right, you make them nervous and when we are nervous our brains will say “laugh” and we do.

However, they may actually be completely okay with how they are feeling about you so they may laugh more often because they are confident in who they are and who you are.

If a man is falling in love with you it’s because of your passion and your purpose in life. He admires this and you may even inspire him. It is this beauty that makes a guy fall deeply in love and what will get him to do these signs around you.

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