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If you actually thought the only benefit of lovemaking was a pleasure, well, here is some medical news for you. A doctor reveals that bedroom activity is good, but making love regularly is even better.

Actually, words can not describe the exhilarating moment of getting intimate with your partner. When bodies and lips touch, there are explosions and fireworks that make you feel like you’re at the top of the world. This intimate act doesn’t only give you and your partner intense pleasure but also help you relieve stress, sleep well and release happy endorphins within the body.

Below are some reasons why you need lovemaking every day.

1. It builds emotional intimacy.

2. It improves cardiovascular health.

3. It increases immunity.

4. It reduces stress.

5. It relieves pain.

6. It promotes longevity.

7. It improves immunity, repairs tissue and keeps the skin healthy.

8. It increases blood circulation.

9. It improves overall fitness.

10. It increases levels of Oestrogen and testosterone.


11. It reduces the chances of getting depression.

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