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How do I know if she likes me? How do I know she enjoys my flirting and will love me to be her partner? I’m I also her crush? This undoubtedly a question you keep asking yourself.

Below are the huge common signs a girl displays to a guy when in love


Yeah, your questions will be answered!

1. She treats you especially different

Interestingly, you’ve known her for a while and suddenly the friendship and affection vibe between you two just jump from score 4 to 10…. ooow !, that’s a green light guy.

The girl has developed a feeling for you, and she feels the need to be incredibly best towards you.

Also, some other girls may start acting weird because in her heart she wants more than a friend and perhaps you taking too long to ask her to be your girlfriend.

2. She enjoys spending time with you

Apparently, if she gets impressed and excited when around you or happy to see you, that’s a good sign she likes you.

In addition, she gets chatty towards you and doesn’t seem much concerned about the hours (time) you both spend together, this shows she’s mentally ready for you.

3. Her eyes smile at you

Over here, it’s so not easy for her to hide those feelings. You will catch her looking at you with a flirty, shy, and melting smile.

Some women will laugh it out, others will act shy by looking away and ooh if you try looking at her she will blush it all out.

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That will be one of those sweet moments.

4. She feels happy

Automatically, girls overly get happy whenever they around someone they like or crush on. If she likes you, even your dry jokes will make her giggle.

She will often be in a positive mood all because she finds interest in you and everything about you makes her feel happy.

5. She asks you questions

The real deal here is to know you better and to get her feelings secured.

She will love to know your interest in life, e.g. the books you love, movies, past relationships and what you do for fun, etc.

All this for her to know if you both have similar interests in life and if you fit in as a boyfriend.

6. She gets playful around you

A good tease may come in many forms when a girl loves you. For example, she repeats a word you wrongly said and laughs at you, tickles you, or ends up teasing at any little chance she gets.

With most women, this is a way to open up and have a flowing conversation with a guy they like. Take note, so you don’t take offence in her act.

7.  She connects with you

This varies from girl to girl, but most girls will connect with you on every social media platform. You will get a tag in posts, or perhaps she will send you funny memes or flirty topics to talk about.

In addition, she will do her best to reply to your messages on time and feel the need to get interactive.

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This is a way to get more connected with you.

8. She compliments you

If she tells you “I love how you speak, you’re so different, I love what you’re wearing, you smell good, I love your footwear etc. “that’s an excellent sign.

Whatever the scenario, if she often gives you a positive nice comment, chances are she likes you.

9. She gets nervous

During your first and second meet-up, did she get a little tongue-tied or struggled to keep up with the conversation? If the answer is YES, then that’s a sign she likes you.

With a woman, she gets butterflies in her stomach especially, if it’s the first meet-up or a day you all decided to spend time together.

10. She pays good attention

A good energy vibe can’t be denied.

During conservation between you two, she will put away her phone,  become a good listener, and place all her focus on you.

Also, she will contribute and be thoughtful in case you need an answer to a question.

11. She reveals/ hint she’s single

Furthermore, you might already be a friend or met her at a colleague party or at school –  truth is, she will one day openly say “I’m single ” or give a glue, so you know she’s available.

This one of the top signs she likes what she sees and will love a relationship with you.

12. Her friend’s reaction

When we have a crush or like someone, the first set of people who know is our friends. It’s no old story!

Perhaps, you should pay attention to how her friends react when they see you both talking, they will surely drop a hint.

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With all honesty, she already discussed you with them and if you’re lucky they might tell you she likes you

To sum up

The only way you could know is by gathering good confidence and asking her to be your (girlfriend).

In a way, you won’t feel confused anymore since the truth will be revealed.


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