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Certain common things will make you successful if you give up on them, even though every one of us has a different notion of success.

You can give up on some of them today, while others may take a little longer. Here are 11 things you must give up to be successful:

1. Stop hoping for good luck.

Luck is soul-crushing junk food. You will never succeed if you depend on luck. You will only be lucky if you work hard and take action.

2. Let go of the need to solve simple issues.

When starting a business, consider how you will solve challenging difficulties. Most individuals prefer to work on simple issues. As a result, they face a great deal of competition. There will be less competition if you set out to tackle a large problem.

3. Avoid spending time with negative friends.

Interacting with negative individuals will not benefit you in any way. Spend time with those who can teach you. Take inspiration from your pals.

4. Get rid of negative behaviours

We’ve all got them. Successful people understand how to break harmful behaviours. Create minor deterrents to help you break harmful behaviours. Introduce a tiny fine that you must pay to break harmful habits. Be on the lookout for undesirable behaviours and break them as soon as you notice them.

5. Let go of the urge to please everyone.

Trying to please everyone is a symptom of immaturity. Even if you have the finest product in the world, some clients will be dissatisfied. Even if you provide the best customer service possible, some customers may be dissatisfied. And that’s OK.

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6. Let go of your urge for drastic changes.

Smaller, more gradual improvements are more likely to help you achieve.

7. Give up on being perfect.

You cannot be motivated by perfection if you wish to achieve. The pursuit of perfection suffocates achievement. Your activities should be focused on completion rather than perfection.

8. Let go of your desire for rapid pleasure.

To succeed, you must be patient. When studying successful entrepreneurs, you will discover that everything takes longer than intended.

Mentally prepare yourself for the fact that success will take time. Feel sure that you will succeed if you make the correct decisions and work hard. It could take a little longer than you expected, but you’ll get there.

9. Let go of the need to compare oneself to others.

It is easy to become frustrated while hearing news about another company. Startup X has gotten a $4 million venture capital investment. So, what now? Why should you be concerned? You really shouldn’t. It has no bearing on your business.

Ignore the commotion. The majority of what you hear is false. Even if it is true, it has no bearing on you. Maintain your emphasis on achieving your achievement. Forget about the commotion.

10. Let go of your anxiety about faking it.

There will be moments when you must fake it to make it. I’m not saying you should establish your business on falsehoods, but there will be occasions when you have to fake it.

You may not have an office, but you may pay for an executive office to have an outstanding address. You may not have ten full-time workers, but you may have ten contractors.

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11. Overcome your apprehension about obtaining help.

You cannot succeed on your own. If you want to achieve, you must seek help. To be clear, asking for help does not mean asking people to do your push-ups for you.


Be self-assured about your need for assistance. Contact entrepreneurs, practitioners, and others who have the talents you require to succeed. Ask for help without appearing to be in need. Don’t bother anyone.

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