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Isn’t it interesting how it takes such countless individuals to ruin my day, however that one uncommon individual to improve everything!

It has not been since a long time ago we have met, however it actually feels like for eternity. I surmise this is the thing that they call love!

It is expressed that penguins are the lone creatures that once hitched stay together perpetually as long as they live. Taking into account that, might you want to be my penguin?


It makes me grin such a lot of contemplating the path even after so long passed by; you actually redden when I investigate your eyes. I love you my pleasantness.

Exactly when I felt that I should abandon discovering genuine romance, God sent the best to me. I love you to such an extent.

Like a sun bloom can’t live without daylight, Same is my inclination for you, my love, I love you such a lot of that I can’t survive without you!

Love is an unadulterated inclination, Love is genuinely special, Love drives the world crazy, For me, you are my love, Can’t consider going through my days without you now,I love you so much, I will consistently do!

My dear, I need to advise you, That even a thousand hearts would be not many, To adore you as I do, I truly love you darling!

My life isn’t something very similar without you dear, There is not something to be glad or to cheer, You are the wellspring of my satisfaction throughout everyday life, I love you so much, That without you I can’t endure!

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My life was so dry without you,Do you understand? That you came and filled in the shades of affection, I genuinely love you my dear!


My adoration needn’t bother with any verification. Since you can see it in my eyes.You and me together

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