Check Out 11 Dreams And Their Meanings. Don’t Joke With Them

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1. If you see ants or insects all over your body in a dream, it means poverty and affliction.

2. If you dream and see yourself inside a torrential rain and there is nowhere to run to, it means terrible bombardment of attack.

3. If you dream and see no teeth in your mouth, it means a loss of motivation and a loss of winning spirit.

4. When you see no hair on your head in the dream, it means loss of glory or glory under attack.

5. Seeing yourself looking older than your age in the dream, what it means is that a person is being drained spiritually and the person would begin to dry up physically.

6. Fighting non-human creature in your dream, it means satanic soldier has been assigned to fight your destiny.

7. If you see yourself flying without being pursued in the dream, it means there is an evil dedication speaking against you. It also indicates that your destiny is under violet pursuers.

8. When you see flies following you in a dream, it’s attacking an evil spirit called Beelzebub.

9. Seeing strange marks all over your body in the dream, means the enemy has marked the person for destruction. It gives birth to unexplainable hatred and a spirit of rejection.

10. Crying in the dream, means an agenda of sorrow is being planted around your life.


11. If you see yourself in your dream always in school or classroom receiving lectures or discussing with your old school friends, especially when you are a graduate or you’re long done with school, please pray seriously as it is a big sign of stagnation and setback in life.

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