Check Out 10 Foods  That You Can Eat To Get More Protein Instead Of Meat-[CHECK OUT]

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Whether you are an adult or a little child, there is an amount of protein you are supposed to consume daily. But we leave in a country where everything is very expensive and we need to look for a cheaper alternative. Meat has been classified by many as one of the best sources of protein in the world according to dieticians and nutritionist.

But meat is also very expensive and in this article, I will be giving you other cheaper means to get protein into your system.

1. Peanuts

Also known as Groundnuts, peanuts are fairly cheap and a single cup of peanuts contains about 41 grams of protein which is the exact amount your body needs.

2. White Beans

This is another cheaper option of protein and also can be accessed easily.

3. Soymilk

4. Kidney Beans

5. Greek Yogurt

6. Skim milk

7. Cheese

8. A vegetarian burger


9. Oatmeals

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