Cheaper MTN Data Bundles That You Probably Were Unaware Existed- [CHECK OUT]

Cheaper MTN Data Bundles That You Probably Were Unaware Existed
Cheaper MTN Data Bundles That You Probably Were Unaware Existed
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Cheaper MTN Data Bundles That You Probably Were Unaware Existed

What if I told you that you could choose from cheaper data bundle alternatives on the same MTN network, despite the fact that you might desire to leave MTN for another network?

Data Zone may be replaced by or more affordable than other data bundles offered by MTN Ghana.

These alternatives—which are comparatively less expensive than the Data Zone—include the MTN Just4Me Bundle, the MTN Kokrokoo Bundle, the Social Media Bundle, and the 399 Bundle.

MTNBundle Just4Me

Because you frequently use the network for calls, SMS, and data, MTN offers you the Just4Me Bundle, which is an individual-based bundle.

The MTN Just4Me Bundle’s shortcode is *141#.

The following are a few of the MTN Just4Me Bundle’s most affordable data bundle offers:

GHC5 1.1GB (30 DAYS)

1.4GB – 30 DAYS GHC

GHC10 (30 DAYS) for 2.2GB

GHC12 2.5GB (3 Days)

GHC10.3 in 1.2GB (30 DAYS)

GHC5 5.5GB (3 Days)

The MTN JUST4Me offers you receive may differ from person to person depending on how frequently you use the service and how much you utilize the network overall.

Bundle MTN Kokrokoo

Big data for calls and the internet is included in the MTN Kokrokoo Bundle between the wee hours of the morning. It is a three-hour data plan with a start time of 5 a.m. and an end time of 8 a.m.

For as little as GHC1.08, you can use this time to access the internet, phone any network, and browse the web. This provides 400MB and has no time limit. The MTN Kokrokoo Bundle’s shortcode is *138*1#. Choose option 3, then adhere to the directions.

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Bundle for MTN Social Media

MTN Social Media is a package for users of social media applications. You can use this deal to view all social media sites without having to worry about data usage at all.

Access Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Youtube using the Social Media bundle. Internet surfing is not covered.

The MTN Social Media Bundle’s shortcode is *138*1#. Pick option 99, pick 4, and then adhere to the instructions.

The MTN Bundle for 399

The most expensive package you can get for your phone is the GHC399 MTN bundle deal. If used properly, this offer is cost-effective and keeps you connected for months.

When the math is done, one pays just GHC2 for a 1GIG bundle under the GHC399 Abudle offer, which has no expiration date.

Although the GHC399’s storage capacity has been decreased from 214 gigabytes to 182 gigabytes, it is still priceless. For the GHC399 MTN Bundle offer, the shortcode is *138*1#. Choose Option 1, choose Buy for Self, type 99 for more, then choose Option 6 to pay using Mobile Money or airtime.


Informational Bonus: If you buy these data packages through the MTN Ghana app, you’ll receive a 50% 4G bonus. On iOS and Android devices, you can download it without charge. In the app, you can also sign up for MTN Ghana’s exclusive holiday bundles.

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