Chaos Ensues Man Brave Young Man Beats Up Policeman Mercilessly For Shooting His Benz Tyre, Causing Him To Crash- [WATCH VIDEO]

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A serious fight involving a motorist and policeman who caused him to have an accident recently took place in the Alapere area of Lagos state.

According to the report, the man was driving his new Mercedes Benz in the area on Wednesday afternoon and some police officers tried to stop him but he kept driving.

man beats policeman

One of the men was said to have shot at his tyre and his Benz summersaulted causing some major damage, but he was lucky enough not to sustain any injuries.

The man stopped a motorbike with the intention of leaving his car behind to come back later probably to tow it, but the officer then accosted him and a brawl ensued.

During the fight, the man was seen trying to disarm the officer that shot his tyre and seemed to have the upper hand.

The motorist used his elbow to knock down the armed police officer who then staggered and struggled to get back on his feet. After regaining balance, he cocked his gun in an attempt to shoot and this caused residents to flee for their lives.


Watch the video below;

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