Can Sexual Activity Cause Stroke?: Check Out What Health Experts Said About This Question- [CHECK OUT]

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A person is said to have a stroke when blood circulation to a part of his or her brain gets cut off. The absence of oxygen in blood makes the brain cells die within minutes. To help put a stop to stroke, know about the possible causes and the things that can increase your risk of having one.

According to VeryWellHealth, generally, it is quite not normal for a person to experience a stroke during intercourse. It is uncommon for a stroke to be brought on by any immediate trigger. Most of the time, a stroke is the outcome of an accumulation of long-term health issues like smoking, high blood pressure, increased fat and cholesterol levels, poorly regulated diabetes, blood clotting abnormalities, and heart disorder.

However, there have been documented instances of a stroke happening during or shortly after sexual activity. The case reports in the medical literature that explains stroke occurring during or within 2 hours after intercourse interestingly pinpoints a greater likelihood of intercourse-related stroke in the context of extramarital relationships.


It has also been noticed that extramarital intimate activity increases the odds of stroke-related death. Whether this is a result of an increased stroke rate linked with emotional or psychological factors related to extramarital intimate activity, or due to a reluctance to call for urgent medical attention is unclear.

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