Bridesmaids’ Causes Stir As They Dance Crazily And Twerk On The Floor At A wedding Reception- [WATCH VIDEO]

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The ardent desire to trend on the internet either on a positive or negative note has rendered a lot of people senseless and consequently become serial clout chasers.

A disgusting video that has raised eyebrows on the internet captures the moment a set of irresponsible bridesmaids courted negative attention in the midst of a wedding ceremony with their inappropriate dressing and crass behaviour.

This set of slay-queen bridesmaids stormed the auditorium in all-red dresses with their sides slit to give a view of their thighs and perhaps their genitals.

Because of the long slit on their dresses, their vajayjay showed while they were dancing to welcome the bride.

Obviously, one can simply tell the work they do behind closed doors and they took advantage of the situation to market themselves to the very best in front of their potential customers who were around.

Social media users who have come across this nauseating video have slammed the ladies for throwing basic decency to the dogs and behaving like mad women.

Watch the video below to know more…


Below are some of the popular comments gathered under the video;

@Hrh_Kingdiamond – Imagine ur babe friends fallout like dis on ur wedding day, u go still carry on?

@Kelvynoforma – Obviously, You can tell the work they Do……. #Why in public where Kids are ??

Sabtlakofficial – When OLOSHO leader finally gets married 

Gee_prince1 – Hookup president don marryso members don turn up?

Iamelistick – By their friends you shall know them.. ?? you dye marry street girl what do you expect v


Wrldprince charming – They got the memo for the hen night and wedding mixed up

Bridesmaids' antics at wedding raise eyebrows
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