BREAKING NEWS:Another Deadly Virus Looms As Health Expert Reveals How Children Are At Higher Risk- [SEE DETAILS]

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Zika virus is a mosquito-borne illness that is spread by the Aedes mosquito, the same species that transmits the dengue. The Zika virus has become a global health crisis, affecting nearly 30 countries so far. Newborns are at risk for birth defects from Zika because the virus can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy or around the time of birth.

It’s really important that women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant protect themselves against mosquito bites, So far, there is no vaccine or cure for the virus, which is spread by daytime-active mosquitoes. It’s also believed that the Zika virus can be passed through sex, blood transfusions and during pregnancy.

There are some ways to prevent becoming infected with Zika including avoiding mosquito bites and protecting against sexual transmission but pregnant women are particularly vulnerable. The virus has been linked to birth defects like microcephaly, a condition that results in an underdeveloped brain.


Some pregnant women who have been infected have given birth to babies with brain damage and abnormally small heads, a condition known as microcephaly. If you have questions about Zika virus please ask?

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