Blend Watermelon And Lemon Together, Drink To Cure These 5 Health Problems-[CHECK OUT

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Watermelon is one of the thirst-quenching fruit available across the globe. The fruit is easy to eat, can be eaten at any time and has numerous health benefits linked to it.

When juiced with lemon, the result is a much juicer beverage that you may want to try. The melon-lemonade comes with a variety of nutrients including 70.2mg of potassium, 2.4mg of sodium – two minerals that help protect the heart.

Not only that, the lemonade is low in calories, just 50 calories per serving – meaning you don’t have to worry about weight gain, obesity as well as oxidative stress.

The juicy lemonade also has a good amount of vitamins (A and C) which are most important of good vision and also a strong immune system.

Meanwhile, before we talk about the benefits of the tasty lemonade, let us have a look at how to prepare it first.

How to make Watermelon-lemonade?


Four cups of cubed fresh watermelon

Half cup of a freshly juiced lemon

Three cups of cold water and half a cup of lukewarm water

Half a cup of white sugar

Finally, you will need six cups of ice cubes

The process

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Using a clean blender, blend only the watermelon and strain it using a fine strainer.

Pour the lukewarm water into a heating container and add the sugar and lemon juice to it. Heat it for few minutes to allow the sugar to dissolve.

Now, remove the heating container. Stir in pureed watermelon. Stir in ice and mint and you’re good to go.

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The benefits

1. It keeps you hydrated over the day

2. It protects your heart from cardiovascular issues

3. It works wonders on muscle soreness


4. It improves skin and hair condition

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