Blend Pawpaw Leaf And Onion, Drink Twice Daily To Treat These Diseases-[CHECK OUT]

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Pawpaw is one of the most famous crops cultivated in the world.

The fruit, seed, and leaves of the Pawpaw are extensively used to manufacture some effective medicines.

Pawpaw leaf is highly endowed with some medicinal compounds that have shown some pharmacological potential in animal studies.

Pawpaw leaf is used to prepare tea, tablets, juice and it is also used to treat a lot of ailments and promote fitness in many ways.

Onions too have a lot of medicinal benefits apart from helping the eyes.

It can promote hair growth, soothe bug bites and suppress cough and fever.

Whenever onions are combined with pawpaw leaves, the result is amazing.

In this article, I will be educating you on how to effectively use pawpaw leaves and onions and their health benefits.

How to Prepare

1. Get some pawpaw leaves, wash them thoroughly with clean water and cut them into small pieces.

2. Peel off your onion, wash it and also cut it into smaller pieces.

3. Blend them together in a clean blender

4. Pour it in a clean cup or clean container.

Drink twice daily

Here Are The Health Benefits of the Mixture

1. It balances the blood sugar level of the body

2. It supports hair growth

3. It helps digestion

4. It treats Dengue fever

5. It improves your skin

6. It can prevent and treat cancer

7. It decreases menstrual pains


8. It treats malaria

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