Beware: If You See This Sign On Your Neck Go For HIV Test Immediately-[CHECK OUT]

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It has been many years since the HIV pandemic commenced and there were hopes that a cure would be found but that has not happened.

Since it is widely known that there is no cure or remedy for the virus, there has to be a way of preventing people from contracting the virus or make sure that individuals are able to realise early that they have the virus and go test at a hospital or facility.

Though the virus has been with us for a number of years, many people still do not know the symptoms.

In this article as presented by, we are not going to dwell too much on a lot of symptoms that might confuse you as a ready but we are going to deal with the one common symptom most people ignore when it occurs. As they always say, early detection means that you do not have to go through the worst with the virus.

According to research, many individuals see this symptom in the early days of HIV, and it is in both men and women. It is found on the neck, right under the ear.

This is medically called a swollen lymph node.

What this basically means is that the lymph nodes right under your ear react very badly with the virus as it tried to take over your body and the swearing begins.

This might happen on one side of the neck or on both sides. It has been proven that no one just gets swollen lymph nodes, sometime it can be an infection of some sort but most of the time it is definitely HIV.

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This will not always show like this or right away. Sometimes it starts with minor discomfort and then later it swells to the state you see above. Depending on your body, it could be noticeable or could not. This is why the first thing you must do is go get tested. This will help you know where you can take it from there if you’re HIV positive and if it’s an infection, then you will know how to treat it. Generally, it is not wise to have anything abnormal happen to your body and you keep quiet about it, which usually leads to many health complications.

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