Bernard Mornah Finally Speaks On He Was Beaten In Burkina Faso In The Name Of Ghana; Drops More Secrets

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Former PNC Chairman, Bernard Mornah has revealed that he was beating and handcuffed in Burkina Faso last week in the name of Ghana when he led a team to play some fun games there.

Bernard Mornah speaking on Pan African TV morning show host by Kwame Obeng Danso today, Friday, 4th June, 2021 stated that last week he led a volleyball team to Burkina Faso to play a volleyball tournament and he was arrested because some team officials in Burkina Faso want to steal their match point for other team from Burkina Faso and he stood ground for Ghana.

According to him, when they were about to eliminate one Burkina Faso team, the team officials refused to give the points to them and he went to one of them and questioned why they are trying to do that and it ended up with a police officer holding his shirt off his neck till Ghana officials intervene but it did not end there.

He stated that after they won the game by using all means, he went back to the police officer and asked him why he was doing that to him and his team but ended up being beaten with pepper spray and handcuffed because of defending Ghana.

He said he was pinned down and his son was able to record some video from the scene which went viral last week and said it took some police officers who were not from Burkina Faso to intervene and get him released which took almost one hour.

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According to Bernard Mornah, when Burkina Faso team officials came and noticed that he was from Ghana with the team, they began to be afraid because they know Ghana as a country don’t joke with rule of law and they were pleading him and give them free accomodations until the tournament ends.

He however stated that his volleyball team who represents Ghana in the tournament went to finals with Malian team and they were victorious with a lot of awards giving to them and his players except two awards.

Bernard Mornah said on the show that he won’t take them to court because he told the police officers in Burkina Faso to change their attitude towards the citizens in the country because what they did to him clearly shows that, they have been doing similar things to their own country men.


” I will speak the truth, they beat and handcuffed me in the name of Ghana and I did nothing wrong but we won everything and the final match was like Ghana vs Mali but we beat them. I don’t fear the police and they later give us free accomodations. I won’t take them to court because I have advised the police to stop such behavior on the citizenry” he said to the host.

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