Beautiful Female Police Officer Shares A Video Of Herself And Her Colleague Slaying Outside Work- [WATCH VIDEO]

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A Nigerian female police officer has shared a montage of herself and her colleague slaying outside work.

For many professions that come with uniforms, what picture pops up in the mind of people when thinking of them? The uniform right?

Nigerian female police officer
Nigerian female police officer

Think of a doctor, you see the white coat and the same goes for Nigerian police officers , what pops up is the black uniform.

Nigerian police officers are often seen by civilians in their uniforms and most times people do not get to see them outside of that.

A female police officer has wowed many Nigerians after she released video of herself and her colleague slaying outside work.

The lady identified on TikTok as @Kuvana_of_Lagos captioned the video “sis dat slay together work together miss you big sis”.


Watch the video below…


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