Avoid Garlic If You Have Any Of These 3 Medical Conditions-[CHECK OUT]

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Garlic is one of the spices that is eaten by many people around the world but people with certain health conditions should avoid it or not consume it in excess. In this article, I will brief you on some health conditions that will not allow you to eat garlic.

1. Diarrhea

The first medical condition that will not allow you to eat garlic in excess is diarrhea. Garlic contains a gas-forming compound which triggers diarrhea if it is eaten on an empty stomach. So, it is advised that you should not eat garlic on an empty stomach.

2. Heartburn

Another health condition that does not allow you to eat garlic is heartburn. Garlic contains a compound that triggers heartburn if it is eaten on an empty stomach. You should avoid eating garlic on an empty stomach or you should avoid eating it if you feel nausea after eating it.


3. Expectant or nursing mothers


If garlic is eaten by pregnant women, it induces labor and it may also change the taste of breast milk.



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