Avoid Eating These Harmful Foods  If You Want Your Wife To Have Children-[CHECK OUT]

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When it comes to fertility and childbirth, many people are quick to turn to women. They tell them what to eat, what not to eat, what to do, and so on, but people hardly ever counsel men on what steps to take to ensure that childbearing is easy for him and his partner. It is important to know that pregnancy and childbirth are the responsibility of both the man and woman. This means that just as a woman is asked to have healthy reproductive health, men should also be asked to maintain healthy reproductive health, and one of the common reproductive problems men face is LOW SPERM COUNT.

Luckily, this problem can easily be fixed or averted with the right diet and nutrition. In this article, we will learn about foods that increase sperm count and those that have a bad effect on sperm count.

What foods are healthy and beneficial for sperm count?

1.      Sardines

Sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and this helps in improving fertility in both men and women.

2.      Oranges

Oranges are cheap fruits that are easily and readily available, so after reading this you don’t have an excuse to not eat one. Oranges are rich in vitamin C which is very important for the reproductive health of men.

3.      Water

Yes, water! Many people underestimate the superpower of water, but it is the solution to many health-related problems. Drinking enough water and staying hydrated helps to improve the quality of the seminal fluid.

4.      Dark chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth, then you will love this one. Dark chocolate is rich in amino acids which support fertility and boosts reproductive health.

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Now, what are the foods that have a bad effect on fertility?

1.      Junk food

Processed sugars and fried foods with high fatty acids can prove to be very harmful to your fertility.

2.      Mackerel

Mackerels might taste good but if you want to be fertile then you should avoid it at all costs. Mackerels contain mercury and mercury causes infertility in both men and women.

3.      Alcohol and caffeine

Reduce your intake of alcohol and also reduce how many caffeinated drinks you consume. Caffeinated drinks include; coffee, tea, and energy drinks. Alcohol and caffeine have been linked to low fertility rates in men so it is best you avoid it or at least limit your intake.

4.      Dairy products with high fat

Instead of drinking full cream milk, switch to taking skimmed milk that has less fat in it. You can also go for healthier and natural substitutes like coconut milk or oat milk. The amount of fat that is contained in high-fat milk has a bad effect on the fertility of men.


There you have it, the foods you should avoid eating and what you should eat to improve your fertility. Remember that fertility, conception, and pregnancy does not only concern the woman, it is a joint responsibility between the man and woman.

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