‘At Your Age, You Want To Sleep With My Small Daughter” – Mother Fights Sugar Daddy- [WATCH VIDEO]

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A sugar daddy had to immediately run for cover when he went out to see a small girl he had been dating.

No sooner had he reached the house where the girl lived than her mother confronted her for chasing her small daughter.

In a video that has gone viral, the man—a sugar daddy—is seen rooted to the spot when the woman asked him about his intentions for looking for her daughter.

Angry mother chases out 'sugar daddy

The man, who was spellbound, could not provide an answer, and as a result, the angry mother verbally assaulted him for his indiscretion in choosing a small girl who could qualify as her daughter for a romantic relationship.

“So at your age, you come to look after my 18-year-old daughter.” You want to sleep with my little daughter. “I have all the messages you have been sending out to her,” she said as she chased him out.


Check out the video below…

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