APPLY NOW: University of Ghana Opens For Application For Recruitment 

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The University of Ghana is the oldest and largest of the thirteen Ghanaian national public universities.


We are recruiting to fill the following positions below:

Job Vacancy For Deputy Head, University Basic Schools

The University of Ghana invites applications from suitably qualified persons for the Administrative/Professional position of Deputy Head, University Basic Schools. 

POSITION: Deputy Head
REPORTING TO: Headmaster/Headmistress


• The successful candidate will support the Headmaster/Headmistress to fulfil the mandate of the School.
• He/she is expected to provide leadership, maintain and promote efficiency and order on campus, provide sound administration and discharge other duties as may be assigned by the Headmaster/Headmistress.

Qualification Required & Experience

The Deputy Head is expected to possess the following qualifications:

• Diploma in Education
• A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline
• A Master’s degree in Education Management or in a related discipline
• A minimum of 10 years’ relevant experience

In addition, applicants should demonstrate sound leadership qualities and should be computer literate.


Under the direction of the Head, the Deputy Head will perform the following specific roles:

• Adhering to and enforcing school policy, guidelines and administrative directives.
• Enforcing guidelines to maintain proper discipline and conduct.
• Communicating relevant policies and procedures with regard to students’ discipline, conduct, and attendance to students, staff and parents.
• Working with Stream Coordinators in the development of effective classroom discipline.
• Maintaining an effective and safe school environment.
• Assisting in curriculum and time-table development to meet the needs of all students.
• Preparing and submitting required periodic reports to the Head
• Helping in the preparation of appropriate handbooks.
• Supervising and evaluating Class Assistants in consultation with Stream Coordinators.
• Supervising support services such as the canteen and the infirmary.
• Providing inputs for teaching and learning materials to be included in annual budgets.
• Assisting in the care and management of the buildings and grounds, furniture, equipment, apparatus, books and other supplies.
• Overseeing curriculum delivery in consultation with school heads.
• Convening department as well as other staff committee meetings.
• Assigning teaching duties to the staff as well as preparing the staff duty roster.
• To set up a system to identify and assist children with learning difficulties.
• Evaluating Teacher performance and working with the Headmaster/Headmistress to help marginal teachers to improve.

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Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

An applicant is required to submit the completed application pack to:

the Registrar,
University of Ghana,
P.O. Box 25,
Legon, Accra,
Ghana (hard copy) or (soft copy).

The application pack should contain the following:

• Completed application form for Administrative/Professional Positions (UAB Form 1B) to be downloaded from the University’s website.
• An up to date Curriculum Vitae and copies of relevant academic and/or professional certificates.
• A statement of about 1,000 words indicating how one intends to use the period in office to address relevant issues that will ensure that the Basic School achieves its mission and vision.

Closing Date: 07 May 2021

Only shortlisted applicants would be contacted.

Job Vacancy For Instructional Technologist and Designer

The University of Ghana hereby invites applications from suitably qualified persons from the University for the following Administrative/Professional position in the Department of Distance Education, College of Education:

POSITION: Instructional Technologist and Designer
REPORTING TO: Head, Department of Distance Education


• The Instructional Technologist and Designer will work with the Sakai E-Learning Team and academic staff at the Department of Distance Education, School of Continuing and Distance Education (SCDE) to create and customize materials and multimedia for web-enhanced, blended, and online course in the University’s Distance Education (DE) programme as well as continuing professional development courses.

• The Instructional Technologist and Designer will work specifically with Lecturers from participating academic disciplines in the DE programme to design, customize, and produce course materials and resources reflective of SCDE’s web-enhanced, blended, and online modules and programmes in the Sakai Learning Management system. He/she will be responsible for uploading of multimedia, videos, podcast and interactive images for e-learning modules as well as modules designed for training educators in the field.

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• Assisting lecturers to design, customize, produce and update multimedia course materials and resources reflective of SCDE’s web-enhanced, blended and online modules and programme
• Copying course materials/modules and interactive resources created in the Distance Education and E-learning Community
• Uploading content to build online assessments in the Sakai Learning Management System
• Creating and updating resources to train and support participants (i.e. students, faculty and staff) on how to use appropriate educational technologies in the DE programme and continuing professional development courses
• Train faculty, staff and students on the institutional LMS

Qualification Required & Experience

The successful applicant must:

• be a staff of the University of Ghana;
• have a good first degree plus a Master’s degree in Educational Technology, E-Learning or a related field, from a recognised institution; and,
• have at least two years of relevant post-qualification experience.


• Strong technology skills, including but not limited to knowledge of Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, knowledge of Learning Management Systems and course design.
• Strong writing, communication and interpersonal skills, and good judgement in communicating with University faculty and staff, representatives from external organizations and vendors.
• Must be able to think strategically to guide production projects.
• Demonstrated ability to use technology to support instructional objectives, such as live webinars software, rich media, lecture capture, video conferencing, screen recording software, Web 2, 3, and 4 tools, class-based tools such as interactive whiteboards/smart classrooms.

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Applicants are required to submit the complete application pack to the Registrar,  University of Ghana via:

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The application pack should contain the following:

• Completed application form for Administrative/Professional positions (UAB Form 1B) to be downloaded from the University’s website at
• An up to date Curriculum Vitae with supporting educational and professional certificates.

Closing Date: 08 May 2021

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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