Aplus Big Time Exposed By Operations Director- [WATCH HOT VIDEO]

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Don Kano has exposed Kwame Aplus of The People’s Party for using the party for his personal gains.

The former Operations Director exposed the founder of the party for his fraud schemes


According to Don Kano, all donations made to the party goes to the personal pocket of Kwame Aplus and not the party.

He revealed that the agenda of the party was to mobilize the masses and become the 3rd force in the country but after sweating to get people to join them, Aplus has swayed from the agenda to his personal agenda.

Kano talked about how people who come seeking for help to get jobs are forced to create social media accounts to fight everyone who attacks Aplus.

He then revealed how all Independent candidates they planned to support for the 2020 election were rubbished by Kwame Aplus.




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