Another Deadly Health Effect Of Licking Your Woman Discovered- Gynaecologist Warns Men Who Do That.

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A renowned gynaecologist hosted on a show on television has made a new revelation about the side Egypt licking your woman and this tends to prove more deadly than the sexually transmitted diseases or infections. She made mention of the high risk of contacting a throat cancer. She made it clear that, some women harbour harmful micro organisms in their womanhood for not maintaining hygiene over there and these micro organisms tend to get to the throat easily through the oral cavity.

What’s a cancer in the first place? A cancer is the abnormal growth of cells with influence to pathogens or other agents. Cancers are classified in stages as they tend to more dangerous as the stages increases. A cancer in the throat will cause and abnormal cell growth on structures in that region including the wind pipe, thymus and other anatomical structures around. The wind pipe especially is very delicate as it is the path which leads to the lungs and carries air to the lungs too. In case of any pathology, one’s respiration could be affected and hence the individual’s life is at stake. The thymus being an exocrine organ plays a major role which when affected causes a disorder in one’s hormonal health.


She went on to advise and warn men who are addicted to this act for it really endangers their health despite the sexual feeling they tend to enjoy.


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