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This is natural and fully blessed by God via the strength of His creation for the prosperity of the people.

Salt is frequently used in rituals and ceremonies because of its potent and mystical significance. In many ceremonies, the union of salt and rosemary plants is more potent than simply being a superb “spice blend.”

It starts to make more sense how rituals and items might aid our energy balance if we think of money, wealth, and abundance as more spiritual concepts and begin to understand money as an energy.

How to Attract Money with Salt and Rosemary Plant:

1. Carry a little bag with rosemary and salt with you

Pick up your salt and rosemary plant, then put them both in a tiny bag. You can include other items to increase your sense of richness, such as Cedi or Dollar bill of any denomination.

In order to symbolize abundance, try to select a green pouch. You can smudge it to purify and empower it.

As a surprise gift, wear it with you at all times. Among other places, in your wallet or purse. It will function more quickly if you sleep with it at night under your pillow.

2. Make a herbal bath

To attract wealth, prepare a salt-and-rosemary herbal bath.

The elements should be meditated upon and infused with your intention. Bless them and ask their spirits to assist you in removing negativity so you can attract abundance.

Take a shower as you would usually. Then, take a herbal bath to cleanse your energy. Allow it to take effect. After that, get out of the shower and meditate and pray to God until your body totally dries. Wait for Almighty God to provide you with financial stability.

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3. Mop the floor with rosemary-infused water

Boil rosemary in water and set aside to make a herbal tea. Then add with sea salt. To increase its potency, combine it with other wealth-attracting herbs such as lemon, cinnamon, orange, and coffee.

Use this rosemary-infused water to mop the floors in your home or workplace.

Begin on the outside and work your way in. In other words, begin at the door and end with the last rooms. You attract external forces of abundance into your life in this way.


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