Abigail Causes Stir And Leaves Thirsty Men Salivating With Her Huge Backside As She Storms Date Rush: [WATCH VIDEO]

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A well-endowed lady named Abigail knocked some people’s socks off as she showed up on the latest of Date Rush the popular dating reality show on TV3.

Abigail, a lady favored with a shapely figure and a major rear, swept almost everyone on the show and those observing online of their feet.


Date Rush Abigail
Date Rush Abigail causes stir.

Appearing on stage, Abigαil rocked a sleek red dress which hugged her body and showed off her contours very well.

Immediately after she appeared on the stage, she caught the attention of the 10 male contestants who were vying to grab an opportunity to go on a date with her.


Even though she did not dance so much, her physical endowments were more than enough to catch the attention of the guys.


She got all the guys interested in her and they left their rushes (lights) on. But she whittled it down to two of the contestants, Hortons and Harrison.

After asking a question about where each of them wanted to be in the next three years, Abigαil opted to give the chance of a date with her to Hortons.


See the video below:


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