Guys, Here Are 7 Signs That Shows Your Girlfriend May Be Losing Interest In You-[CHECK OUT]

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Are you starting to recognize signs she’s losing interest in dating you? No matter how much dating experience you have, it always feels terrible when the person you’ve been seeing starts to pull away. If you’re worried that the woman you’re dating may be thinking about breaking up with you, pay attention to different signs she’s losing interest.

1- More and more alone time.

When you two first started dating, your girlfriend wanted to spend every spare second with you. Now, it seems like she’s always making plans that do not include you. She always seems busy, even on your regular date night, and in fact, it seems like she doesn’t want to spend any time with you at all! The cold, hard truth in this situation is that she probably DOESN’T want to spend time with you. Time to have a talk about where this relationship is going.

2- Sex becomes rare.

Earlier, you could have sex twice a day. Although, no. It was twice a day when you were very tired. Now, sex happens once a week, sometimes twice, but it’s only on holidays.

3- It is not about fun anymore.

Let’s face it, life does not end at some point after the honeymoon phase. At the same time, there should always remain a sense of fun even in the daily routine — especially with your significant other. Excitement and laughter are the most essential elements of any healthy solid relationship. That’s why you should always keep things fun, take time for sincere laughter, and, of course, continue “dating” her, creating even more memorable shared experiences.

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4- She puts you at arm’s length.

Let’s say you’ve been dating a girl for a while, and it’s at the point where you have been excited to introduce her to your friends and vice versa. If the girl you’re seeing suddenly doesn’t want to include you in any of her co-ed group outings, or continually cancels or puts off plans to go out with you, there’s a good chance that she’s losing interest.

5- She does not want to listen to your news.

Many couples have the custom to tell each other about the situations that have occurred during the day. This is a great way to think of all the problems, discuss them, laugh at pleasant moments and reduce stress to a minimum. Now, you cannot remember the last time she asked you about your day. She does not care! If you start talking about some news, she listens to you without much interest, and she talks about her day reluctantly. However, maybe she is just tired?

6- Other guys showing up in conversation.

It’s perfectly fine for your girlfriend to have guy friends, but take note if she suddenly begins talking about other guys (or one particular guy) often. If she’s talking about other guys a lot, it means that she’s also thinking about other guys a lot, and your relationship could be headed to nowhere fast.

7- Friends are above you.

Someone who loves you and takes interest in you will keep you as a priority. Especially among partners who love each other, the priority is always the partner.

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If your case is different and friends matter to your partner more than you, it could be a sign of trouble. This could be a thorough indication that your position in their life has gone down to a great level.


If she spends more time with her girl gang, and cancel date nights because of a Saturday party, well, I know it is harsh – but she just doesn’t enjoy being around you anymore.

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